Picture of Strathclyde Park with “Strathclyde Park, The park of the future” written on top left with the North Lanarkshire logo on top right and “Visit Here” written in white on a purple background on the bottom right

Over the next ten years Strathclyde Country Park will undergo a series of transformative changes focused on making it a more accessible, people friendly and greener space at the heart of Scotland. 

These changes will include the development of key strategic structures; a greater variety of walking and cycling routes; an increase in biodiversity and wildlife initiatives; the integration of an art and sculpture strategy; and a host of other key installations. This will all lead to the create of Strathclyde Park: A Park of the Future.


A master plan for Strathclyde Park was developed throughout 2019/2020 and presented to the North Lanarkshire Council in the summer of 2020. You can read more about the master plan and how it is part of the wider “The Place The Vision” work being undertaken with North Lanarkshire here. Updates on the project and further information about the masterplan will be added to the website as it becomes available. Please note that this master plan was delivered before the pandemic and as such the overall scope of deliverables are being assessed.


As part of the process to undertake some of the proposals contained within the Strathclyde Park Master Plan the opinions of local people will be invaluable to ensure that the initiatives being taken forward are developed for the local communities, groups and organisations to ensure that the park becomes the beating heart for the communities which encircle it. 

Some of the proposals contained within the master plan have already been tested as part of North Lanarkshire Council’s response to the pandemic – in particular the closure of the road which goes through the park itself. 

Over the coming weeks and months we are looking to continue this conversation with the local community and are as such launching the first of our community engagement exercises to garner the opinion of local people regarding specific elements of the future of the park.


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Consultation carried out during the development of the Strathclyde Country Park master plan indicated the need to explore improved cycling facilities and the opportunity for a dedicated facility close to Bellshill and South Calder Glen.  We have received your feedback and will consider all points made.


If you would like to contact us regarding the master plan for Strathclyde Park then please use the form below.